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Caitlin Wambolt

Yoga Instructor
Orlando, Chicago, New England


Caitlin began her yoga journey over a decade ago while living in Northwest Indiana. Her practice evolved tremendously when she moved to Chicago and Boston, and continues to grow today. She has always found solace in mindfulness, wellness and fitness​, especially when paired with music. From dance to kickboxing and Taekwondo, if it connects the body, mind and spirit, Caitlin tried it. Initially, she was drawn to the physical benefits of yoga and how it complemented her active lifestyle. As time progressed, however, she discovered the deeper meanings of her practice and cherished the tranquility, clarity and freedom it brough to every aspect of her life. 

In Chicago, Caitlin launched a personalized yoga practice, where she catered to the individual needs of her students through a customized approach in both sequence and nutritional programing and offered such services in the comfort of students' homes and offices as well as public spaces. She gained a lot of experience teaching multifaceted wellness workshops which allowed her to explore and eventually adopt meditation, Tai Chi and Ayurveda. Caitlin continues to expand her teaching to encompass multiple disciplines of yoga practice, philosophy and mythology.

Above all, Caitlin is passionate about sharing yoga and its holistic benefits with the world. With each class she teaches, she invites students to open up to the possibilities embrace the present moment and take the lessons learned on the mat with them into their everyday lives.


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"I highly recommend Caitlin as a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. Her yoga class was the best I have ever taken! Her encouragement made me work harder than I ever thought possible. I really appreciated her instruction on correct posture and her ability to mold the class to the needs of the students. I really miss working with you, Caitlin!"

Laurie Flanagan - Boston, MA

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow classes link up yoga postures (asanas) in a creative, fun, and ‘flowing’ way to keep you moving. Flow focuses specifically in vinyasa (breath synchronized movement), alignment as you enter and exit poses, and staying present with each moment of your practice.
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